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Happy Customers

Based on 186 reviews
Just buy it!!

Honestly save the extra $600 on a more expensive chair..I have a chipped coccyx and every chair has caused me unbearable pain even for sitting as little as 10 minutes. I now work from home and can sit in this chair for 2+ hours without any pain..I almost can’t believe it. Really amazing buy here! I also didn’t opt in for the reclining part for your legs and I kinda regret it but it’s still amazing nonetheless. Oh and I put it together myself in like 15 mins. Recommending to everyone!

BIG office chair

I got this office chair initially for me, but oh boy! Its huge! My husband didnt let me return it and kept it for him. Its very comfortable, and the rubber wheels are a must to not scratch our new hardwood floors. So if youre a tall/large person, or if you want more space, put your legs up, this office chair can be a great choice for you. By the way it was easy to assemble.

1st Day So Far So GOOD!

Review First Day: Easy to assemble. Beautiful desk. Works like its supposed to. The one thing if I had to criticize is the power cord to lift up & down is on the left side and the power strip is on the right. Would had been smart to have both on the right. But overall satisfied.

Very sturdy and comfortable

I am a big guy and always struggled to find a chair that can hold and be comfortable. The back support on this one is amazing and you can adjust it to lower or higher. To put together it was one of the easiest chairs I've worked on, just a few screws and done. The wheels are nice and work smoothly. The arm rest are adjustable as well and they have nice cushions. Absolutely loving this chair...

Ergonomic Office Chair Pro 3001HD

Love this chair!

It's very comfortable, the arm wrests are perfect, and it helps my lower back immensely. I did put on the arms backwards, but it was an easy fix! Love this chair! I'll be getting another for my desk soon.

I love this chair!!!!

Best ever!

Easily the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever used - nothing even comes close. It’s sturdy, with deeply comfortable leather all over, and the urethane wheels can handle any surface with a satisfying glide - not a swampy, sticky slog across the floor. Highly recommended - worth every penny.

Outstanding Ergonomic Pro5127 Chair!

This chair was purchased for its particular weight capacity rating, and I was a bit dubious as the individual this chair was purchased for has broken similarly "rated" chairs. It was obvious while unpacking, this chair was obviously made of much sturdier material and steel. The user is comfortable and happy and so are we!

So far so good

So far the chair has been very comfortable and a welcomed addition to my home office. I appreciate all the adjustments, although I'm still trying to sort out the back adjustment. I didnt think I would use the leg rests but I actually do, quite a bit while I'm working! Happy with the purchase.


This is absolutely the best office chair I have ever owned! It's comfortable, very user friendly , fits my body like a glove, and is ergonomically correct. Now if it lasts for at least a year I will be in 7th heaven, but for now, this chair is my new favorite thing!!!

Leather Office Chair Pro SH001-D

Great quality chair & outstanding customer service

This chair is professional looking & very comfortable. Customer Service is available & timely. Easy to deal with. I have already recommended this company to my friends

Solid chair

My daughter got this for me after I fwd her from IG as Father’s Day gift. This is quite sturdy, the wheels are not cheap plastic. It was really easy to assemble. For the price being half of what my old, now duct taped excessively squeaky chair cost me. I told her get me another for Xmas. It’s day 1 but it feels really solid and capable of supporting my 400lbs.

I haven’t had it long and it’s already broke

Nice looking and functions well but the seat is like sitting on a wood bench.


This chair is even better than I thought. Very sturdy construction and the comfortable but supportive leather plush is amazing. As much time as i spend in the chair, this is a massive quality of life upgrade. Thank you!

Quality Chair

Very happy with this chair. Quality Construction and materials. Very comfortable.

I truly love ❤️ my chair. I can relax at ease. Thank you 😊 for make a strudy plus size chair.👍👌❤️😊🤗

Leather Office Chair Pro 7005
christopher O'Brien
Meh, not as nice as I hoped

Very stiff, would have been nice for the chair to rock slightly back and forth

Excellent Offering

Chair was east to assemble, is very comfortable, and the price point is great.

Quick and easy to assemble and lumbar support is amazing

Couldn't be happier with this purchase the chair is so comfortable I have dozed off in it and has helped a great deal with the lower back support I desperately needed as I continue to work to drop this weight off myself. I can't wait to see how I look a year from now in it I want to lose an inch or two by then but as it is now it is really comfortable and doesn't hug my hips. Assembly instructions were extremely easy to follow along. The rollerblade wheels that come with it are so quiet and if you bump them barefoot it isn't the end of the world lol.


Although I like the chair so far, it seems to tilt forward somewhat and I feel the need to "brace" myself.

Highly recommend!!

I've been using this chair for a week, therefore only gave it 4 stars as it's still early,. First, it arrived within the time frame provided, which was a little over a week. Second, this was probbly one of the easiest office chairs I've ever put together - less steps, good directions - only took about 15 minutes. It appears well-made, but we'll see how it holds up over time. Comfort-wise, so far, I like it but I don't love it, but the jury is still out.
Pros: Nice wide seat for larger folks, like me. Seat is also deep, and since I have shorter legs, I find it hard to sit all the way back. This shouldn't be an issue with most other folks. The seat is not very soft, but is so much better than the leaher seat I was previously using. With the previous chairs, my legs would get numb & swell unless I got up every hour to walk around, which was not always possible. Numerous attempts at different types of chair pads / cushions were futile. This chair allows me to sit for longer periods of time without issues, plus I love that it tilts back & rocks. So far I have not had the leg numbness/swelling as with other chairs, so huge plus! I tend to slouch a bit, so my butt gets sore near the tailbone, which probably wouldn't happen if I sat up straight. The back is mesh & is actually quite comfortable, especially when you tilt back & rock. The arms are thick & nicely padded, plus they lift up & fold back. They're not adjustable & are a little high for me, but I'm short (5'3"), so for just about everyone else they should be fine. I absolutely LOVE the wheels! This may sound silly, but they make a difference when you move around. They are so much beter than the wheels on any other office chair I've ever owned; the chair rolls very easily & smoothly - they are an A + + !.
Cons: I don't really have anything bad to say; as pointed out above, the negatives are my own doing due to bad posture habits & height deficiency..
Overall, I would highly recommend this chair. If you're on the fence, buy this chair - I sincerely don't think you'll be disappointed!

It is pretty much exactly what I expected.