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Happy Customers

Based on 157 reviews
Just buy it!!

Honestly save the extra $600 on a more expensive chair..I have a chipped coccyx and every chair has caused me unbearable pain even for sitting as little as 10 minutes. I now work from home and can sit in this chair for 2+ hours without any pain..I almost can’t believe it. Really amazing buy here! I also didn’t opt in for the reclining part for your legs and I kinda regret it but it’s still amazing nonetheless. Oh and I put it together myself in like 15 mins. Recommending to everyone!

BIG office chair

I got this office chair initially for me, but oh boy! Its huge! My husband didnt let me return it and kept it for him. Its very comfortable, and the rubber wheels are a must to not scratch our new hardwood floors. So if youre a tall/large person, or if you want more space, put your legs up, this office chair can be a great choice for you. By the way it was easy to assemble.

1st Day So Far So GOOD!

Review First Day: Easy to assemble. Beautiful desk. Works like its supposed to. The one thing if I had to criticize is the power cord to lift up & down is on the left side and the power strip is on the right. Would had been smart to have both on the right. But overall satisfied.

Very sturdy and comfortable

I am a big guy and always struggled to find a chair that can hold and be comfortable. The back support on this one is amazing and you can adjust it to lower or higher. To put together it was one of the easiest chairs I've worked on, just a few screws and done. The wheels are nice and work smoothly. The arm rest are adjustable as well and they have nice cushions. Absolutely loving this chair...

Better than I could hoped

The best

Great chair for big guys!!!

The chair is extremely comfortable and I am enjoying it.


I ordered this chair by accident. I had already ordered one for my work office, the Ergonomic Office Chair Pro 3001HD. I loved it so much I got overly excited and ordered another one. I didn't realize it was the wrong one until my nephew had put it together for me and got rid of the box. This one isn't a bad chair, just not the one I fell in love with.

This one is the most comforting chair I have owned. I like the way the base is laid out and the rollerblade wheels roll with no issues. Great chair highly recommend this to anyone.


Quality chair and parts, even spare parts and a hex key you can actually use and two sets of wheels. One of the better online purchases I've made.

Love my chair!

It was easy to put together. It’s a great quality! Very pleased!


Although very pretty, this product is very uncomfortable and the supports don't seem to be in the right places for a woman who is 5.4. I will be returning unfortunately.

Great chair

This is my first purchase from this company and Im very impressed. One thing is the steel construction of the base. The other is the casters. These roller blade style wheels are the best Ive ever used. The chair also came with a second set of classic casters. Ive used this chair for three weeks now and so far no issues. Im 6'-1 and 300+ pounds. Im working from home so Im in this chair 15 hours a day 6 days a week.

Nice functions, hard seat

The chair assembles nicely and the functions work great, I only wish the seat had more cushion.

Ergonomic Office Chair Pro 3001HD

Best chair I’ve used in years so far

I owned an office chair for about 5 years and it hasn’t given out. But I’ve also bought 2 gaming chairs that both bribe and gave me multiple problems. So I decided to go back and get a new office chair. So far it’s holding up well, it’s sturdy and was easy to put together. And also comfortable lots of room

The chair is awesome, I'm very happy with my purchase.

Well made, but the not the right chair for me

I am male, 5 ft 10 inches, 275 lbs. Larger than I should be. It is big and bulky. Using it for typing at my desk does not work well. My legs go to sleep. The front is to high. For someone who sits at a desk and talks on the phone it may be fine but for someone who is working on a computer all day; not so much.
It was easy to put together and appears fairly well made. Not made like a $1,500 chair but then it didn’t cost nearly as much.

Perfect Choise!

This chair is better than I thought it would be. It is definitely the perfect chair. So much so that I just ordered a second one !!!!!

Easy assembly even for disabled folks like me

I received the chair and admitted I had to push the box; but once unboxed, I made sure I had all the parts. To me, the middle section is already together, so all I had to do was attach the bottom part together legs and wheels, put the arms of the bottom of the seat in, put the headrest in, and wa la it was finished. I ordered the chair core 3003HBD, A huge thank you to Welax Charis for making it easy for those who are handicapped, such as me.

Very nice product rolls nice very comfortable

comfortable and strong

i am 70, partially disabled, and weigh @350lbs. this chair was easy for me to assemble. it is strong enough for me. i spend most of my day in this chair and find it quite comfortable. the arm rests do move around a bit, but i don't find this problematic.

a great chair for your everyday work needs

It is a great chair for your everyday work needs. It's comfortable, high quality and easy to assemble, making it a standout choice. While the 125 degree tilt limit is decent, a little extra tilt might enhance the relaxation. If you are looking for a chair, this one comes highly recommended.


This office chair is a game-changer for anyone spending long hours at a desk. Its ergonomic design provides excellent lumbar support, reducing strain and discomfort. The adjustable features allow for personalized comfort, making it a must-have for any workspace.


This chair really meet our needs in all way.Very easy to assemble.My daughter love its supporitive and comfortable.