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Professional Manufacturer Of high-value Ergonomic Chairs








Company's establishment

During the company's establishment phase, a plastic particle factory was established, which has the advantage of producing raw materials and lays a solid foundation for subsequent production.


Chair accessories production

Started producing plastic accessories, seat parts, and became a designated accessory supplier for well-known large companies such as STAPLES, OFFICE DEPOT, and HNI


Modern laboratory

Modern laboratory testing, introduction of equipment such as BIFMA5.1 EN1335, and establishment of partnerships with local third-party SGS to support product standard consultation and own testing guidelines.


Research Investment

Invest 15 million in research and development, and design and develop over 300 sets of molds.


Brand Building

The company is developing rapidly, establishing a new brand WELAX, and continuing to deeply explore the seat market

Our perspective

Work together make us better.

Since its establishment, our company has always focused on the research and development of new products, and has a number of national patents. It has constantly provided customers with plastic accessories and finished products of Office chair with excellent quality and reasonable price, and provided customers with the best office space solutions.

Our design

Designing for human happiness

WELAX has always been committed to creating value for customers with "high-quality, tasteful, and cost-effective" product solutions, winning a good reputation among customers. Its products are sold well in more than ten countries and regions such as North America and Europe. The complete set of advanced office chair testing equipment introduced incorporates quality control measures throughout product production to ensure product qualification rates.

International first-line designer

We collaborate with international designers to provide customers with excellent designs and cutting-edge solutions from around the world. A design laboratory has been established, where designers can freely explore and inspire, quickly construct 3D simulations and prototypes, and visualize product design in the laboratory. The creativity of designers is boundless. Every good idea is transformed into a feasible and innovative product design solution through observation, analysis, intention, evaluation, and testing.

Moeitz Grundel

Moritz Grundel is a Peruvian industrial designer who has been residing in Italy since 2011. He has over 8 years of professional experience in a wide range of products across different categories, from small handmade products to well-known global companies in the fields of furniture, consumer electronics, and packaging.

His multicultural background, combined with Italian design methods and European high-tech development, endows him with a unique perspective that emotions and functions are formed through technological language, with the aim of filling the gap between human behavior and its surrounding environment, and where users meet commercial value through central design.


He conducted in-depth learning in art schools in Florence and Paris, but most of his skills were self-taught, ranging from drawing, carving, jewelry craftsmanship to furniture, interior decoration, and home design. He once said, "Everyone is my teacher," which had a profound impact and inspired a generation. Simplicity and comfort have always been his goals, and he has gained a lot of knowledge, including the importance of lumbar support, seat armrests, and the design of correct 'spacing'.


Committed to reshaping the brand value of the Chinese furniture industry ecosystem, assisting Chinese furniture enterprises in value upgrading such as branding and labeling, and using brand cultural values to drive sustainable development of enterprises.

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