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Welax Chair


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Make Every Day Father’s Day with the Perfect Chair


Mastering the Art of Working from Home

Efficiency is prioritized with the intelligent design and multifunctional features ready to handle your daily tasks.

Right now, my back is just over the moon!

Making changes to the way you work, especially by switching to a sit-to-stand desk, can significantly boost how you feel physically. It helps you feel less tired, focus better and might even brighten up your spirits overall!

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Let's Commit To WFH

Our aim is to assist you all along the way, right from selecting your setup to ensuring you absolutely adore it.

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Sustainably Made

Ergonomic Design

Quality Craftmanship

Taking care of (your) business.

For more than three decades, we've been extending a helping hand to small and medium-sized businesses. Being a privately owned, family-run business ourselves, we're pretty savvy about enhancing wellness, increasing productivity, and fostering teamwork in the workplace.

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